Cha's has always stood for a fair deal for farmers. That's why Cha's products have been Fair Trade from day one. 


Fair Trade offers real advantages to the producers who grow Cha's spices and coconuts, by guaranteeing not only minimum prices but also Fair Trade premiums paid directly to the growers. Instead of going into debt to purchase agricultural tools, seedlings, fertilizers and other chemical inputs before even planting a crop, the growers of Cha's spices and coconuts receive the seedlings, tools and even animals and bees that  they require up front - all purchased with the money they receive from the Fair Trade premiums.

They also benefit from ongoing training on traditional and biodynamic organic farming methods that allow them to grow all of their crops in their biodiverse gardens without the use of any harmful and expensive chemical inputs. What's more, the Fair Trade premiums are also used to purchase school supplies for children in the farming community, build community centers, provide local drinking water supply, and equip women with the tools and training they need to become more financially secure.

  • Fairtrade Certified by Fair For Life
  • Certified Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Non Irradiated
  • 100% Delicious

Cinnamon That's True

Did you know that most of the "cinnamon" on the market is not actually cinnamon at all, but rather cassia? Cassia is a more commonly available and inexpensive cousin to True Cinnamon (also known as Ceylon Cinnamon), that lacks the delicate flavour profile and natural sweetness that True Cinnamon offers.

Grown, harvested and traded according to Fair Trade standards, Arayuma/Cha's True Cinnamon is 100% produced by small-scale  spice growers in Sri Lanka.

Not only is True Cinnamon delightfully aromatic, it's also loaded with an impressive array of health benefits. Traditionally used to improve digestion, fight colds, treat candida, stabilize blood sugar and reduce arthritic pain, True Cinnamon is truly the better choice.

All information above from Arayuma/Cha's.

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