Producer Partners


      Bridge of Hope is confronting the root causes of poverty by providing an alternative way of doing business, in order that the artisans from the most impoverished areas of the country have opportunity for development and direct access to markets. They promote Fair Trade in order to offer the producers and artisans of Peru acceptable social and labor conditions and a just wage for their work. WFTO member.

    • Global Groove, Thailand

      Global Groove works with Hill Tribe artisans in Thailand, creating unique sustainable products.

      In Thailand, the term ‘hill tribe’ refers to the ethnic minority groups living in the mountains. Each hill tribe has its own language, customs, way of dressing and beliefs. Most are of semi-nomadic origin and have immigrated to Thailand from Tibet, Myanmar (Burma), China and Laos over the past 200 years, frequently as a result of discrimination and internal strife. The lack of citizenship in Thailand is the biggest problem that these groups must contend with. Human rights violations and discrimination on many levels are factors that directly lead the tribes to live in poverty. In Thailand, some of the recognized hill tribes include Akha, H’tin, Karen, Khamu, Lahu, Lisu, Lua, Med and Yao. FTF member.


    •       Global Mamas, GHANA

      Global Mamas provides women in Ghana, West Africa the opportunity to improve their standard of living with dignity by promoting their traditional crafts. Proceeds go directly to the women participating in the Global Mamas Cooperative (all are paid over 10 times the minimum wage) and to support other non-profit programs. WFTO and FTF member.


    •   GOLDEN PALM CRAFTS, SRI LANKA Golden Palm Crafts promotes fair trade to cultivate equality and justice among trading partners and creates employment opportunities among marginalized craft producers of rural Sri Lanka. Certified Fair Trade since 1985, Golden Palm Crafts create wooden toys for all ages using environmentally friendly rubber wood. WFTO member.


    •   KTE, Nepal   KTE is a Fair Trade organic tea cooperative located high in the Nepali mountains bordering Darjeeling. Perfect growing conditions combined with organic cultivation (no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers) produce a flavourful tea rich in health benefits.         

    •   MACHAKOS CO-OP UNION, KENYA Begun in 1987 to market handicraft products for its members locally and internationally, MCU now works with over 20 women self help groups and 6 handicraft co-operative societies within the marginalised areas, bringing together over 6000 individual members. Education to producer members and provision of social amenities are coordinated by MCU. MCU has embarked on an environmental conservation program to rehabilitate the forests. A tree nursery project was initiated to check on this balance. WFTO member. 

    • New SADLE, Nepal

      New SADLE (New Skill and Development Learning Experience) provides free medical treatment, food, housing, and education to ex-leprosy and ex-polio affected social outcasts in Kathmandu. Their employment and reintegration program promotes self respect and dignity. WFTO member.  
    • PROSPERITY CANDLE is a social enterprise that supports refugees and artisans through candle-making and beautifully crafted vessels easily refilled or repurposed for a lifetime of enjoyment. Every candle is handpoured by a woman artisan building a brighter future for herself and her family using the highest quality waxes, natural cotton and wood wicks, and premium fragrances made with essential oils. They never add any dyes or enhancers. WFTO associate member.
    •  Sana Hastakala, Nepal Sana Hastakala, which means "small handicrafts" in Nepali, was formed in 1989 with the help of UNICEF. Sana provides business and community development programs to underprivileged craft producers, mostly women, to promote traditional Nepalese cultural crafts. WFTO member. 

      Sindyanna stresses land preservation, environmental quality, women’s empowerment and women’s labour rights. Their staff consists of Palestinian and Israeli women who believe in a future of peace and prosperity for all people.

      Palestinian workers and farmers in the occupied territories today face enormous challenges. Sindyanna has put great effort into buying West Bank products with the aim of helping their economy and protecting their land. WFTO member.


    •   TRADE AID Integrated, Ghana

      TradeAID Integrated seeks to help the productive poor to create and manage viable ventures for sustained poverty reduction and wealth creation.

      TradeAID Integrated was formed in 2000 to contribute to poverty reduction efforts in northern Ghana using the approach of enterprise development. Northern Ghana has the highest poverty rates in the country, but the area lacks institutional support for the informal sector which could play a role in reducing poverty. TradeAID thus works to respond to this need. 

      TradeAID Integrated focuses on enterprise development to

      support sustainable and vibrant indigenous livelihoods for the poor. This approach is based on our belief in the power of entrepreneurship to create wealth. Our strategy is built on the four principle components of:Market Access, Business Services, Financial Services and Business Advocacy. 

      Since the inception of the organisation, it has designed and implemented a number of projects aimed at contributing to the poverty reduction efforts of the Government of Ghana. Among these projects include a five year integrated livelihood project funded by Oxfam GB, a Sustaining Rural Livelihood Project funded by Canadian Feed The Children, a Basket Weavers Support Project, micro-credit lending and financial services, livestock and farm inputs, and much more. WFTO member.
    • UPAVIM, Guatemala  UPAVIM is a group of 65 marginalized women artisans living near Guatemala City. Fair Trade sales provide sustainable incomes, a medical and dental clinic, an elementary school and daycare, 625 school scholarships, and much more. FTF member.