Candleholder & 10 Rainforest Candles


These cute terracotta pieces are made from the riverbed clay of the Chenautla area of Guatemala. Families sculpt each piece by hand, dry it in the sun, paint it with a red clay slip, polish it, and then finally fire it. The firing process involves placing the objects on a grate above a pine bark fire with a covering of grass for 2-3 hours. The occasional unique black spot can sometimes be found on the piece and is a tribute to this ancient firing process. Angel, Elephant or Owl. 

These hand-dipped candles are made from the seed of the Arrayán tree in the cloud rainforest of Guatemala by the indigenous Mayan Q’ eychi’ women. The seeds are collected and heated into wax, providing a natural alternative to synthetic candles and a source of income to supplement their subsistence farming. With outside income they are less inclined to slash and burn the rainforest to grow crops. Arrayán candles are an ancient tradition, used by the Mayans to ask the God of the Mountain for health, money, work, and abundance of crops. The scent and light of these candles are said to bring together the Oxlaju Tzull Taq’a (the 13 Sacred Mountains). Handmade in Guatemala by Luz de Bosque, UPAVIM.

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No drip, approx. 90 minutes burn time per candle.

15 cm H

  UPAVIM, Guatemala

UPAVIM is a group of 65 marginalized women artisans living near Guatemala City. Fair Trade sales provide sustainable incomes, a medical and dental clinic, an elementary school and daycare, 625 school scholarships, and much more. FTF member.

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