Endangered Stuffed Animals - Elephant, Tiger, Orca, Panda



Handmade with organic cotton (poly fill) by artisans in Peru. Bridge of Hope builds bridges between artisans and socially responsible consumers. 8" tall, 20 cm.


Bridge of Hope is confronting the root causes of poverty by providing an alternative way of doing business, in order that the artisans from the most impoverished areas of the country have opportunity for development and direct access to markets. They promote Fair Trade in order to offer the producers and artisans of Peru acceptable social and labor conditions and a just wage for their work. WFTO member.

About the artisans: El Mercurio began in 2002 thanks to three enthusiastic women that each dedicated herself to a different specialty, giving diversity to their work and breaking the traditional way of doing things in that era where the role of the woman was supposed to be limited to household chores and caring for the kids in the home. These enterprising women, with good help from Fair Trade, have continued moving forward. Today, every one of the 30 plus members of El Mercurio has a story of struggle but also a story of success that keeps them pushing on.  Bridge of Hope video with El Mercurio

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