Shea Butter


For over 2000 years, women in sub-Saharan Africa have gathered the kernals from the shea fruit tree, and after a very labour intensive process, the world’s most moisturizing oil is born. Completely natural (used in Ghana even for cooking) and packed with natural UV protection, vitamins A and E, and with natural anti-inflammatory properties, shea butter will not clog your pores, but will absorb faster and deeper than any other oil. Heals scrapes and burns. The best for stretch marks and wrinkles. Pure and unrefined, our shea butter is completely made and packaged in Ghana in a recyclable plastic tub (made in Ghana as well). Choose from unscented or enhanced with pure wildcrafted essential oils: Vanilla, Lavender, Rosemary Mint or Orange & Ginger. Handmade in Ghana by Global Mamas.  4.0 oz/115 gm container.

      Global Mamas, GHANA

Global Mamas provides women in Ghana, West Africa the opportunity to improve their standard of living with dignity by promoting their traditional crafts. Proceeds go directly to the women participating in the Global Mamas Cooperative (all are paid over 10 times the minimum wage) and to support other non-profit programs. WFTO and FTF member.

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