Bolga Minis, large, solid handle


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Basket prices have increased ☹️Freight costs have increased dramatically, northern Ghana is a long way away. 

Mini baskets made from elephant grass with solid handle of goat leather. Basket dimensions: 8”-10” diameter & 5”-6” tall (not including the handle). A very strong little basket!  African Market Baskets, FTF member.

Woven by hand in Bolgatanga, northern Ghana, Africa, from hand-split and hand-twisted elephant grass. Uses for baskets are unlimited: shopping, toy chest, shoe storage, newspapers/magazines, towels or a recycling bin. Very durable. As these baskets are handmade, some slight variations in size and colour occur.

To reform any "dents" in your basket, moisten (in the shower for 30 seconds, or dipped in water) and then reshape.

Azo-free dyes; goat leather handle.

Baskets are shipped flattened to save on shipping costs. There are some great videos on how to reform baskets. Watch here.

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