50 teabags from KTE tea garden, eastern Nepal


Himalayan Tea

A best seller. Relax with a cup of this delicious, smooth, low tannin (but high nutrient) tea. Single-estate, certified organic and certified fair trade by WFTO (Fair Trade Group Nepal). 50 teabags, tea grown in eastern Nepal by KTE, Nepal.  Shoulder Bag by New SADLE, Nepal 6" w (15cm)  x 7" h (15 cm), shoulder strap 63 " long (160 cm).

KTE is a Fair Trade organic tea cooperative located high in the Nepali mountains bordering Darjeeling. Perfect growing conditions combined with organic cultivation (no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers) produce a flavourful tea rich in health benefits. Choose from 5 flavours: Green Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea with Lemongrass, Green Tea with Ginger, Black Tea with Chai spices or Black Tea with Cinnamon.

For the perfect cuppa: use 80˚C clean water (boiling water kills the most important nutrients). Green tea: steep for 3 - 5 minutes max. Want a stronger brew? Add more tea, but steep the same. Black tea can be steeped for much longer.

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